Forest Faerie Reveals Herself

This is one way I fill my cup: getting outside with a dear friend and creating a fantasy world.

Here, this faerie queen chooses to let herself be seen amidst the trees. She owns her space.

When was the last time you simply had fun with your talents?

Doing something PURELY for FUN has not come easily to me. I like to feel accomplished at the end of a day and that usually means some brand of productivity.

This has shifted recently. I make space for creativity. 

It’s just as important as the laundry and dishes.

Movement & Grace

If you can do the splits beyond 25 years old you instantly have my attention.

Kathleen’s work as a coach and yoga instructor seems to come so naturally to her that I easily forgot that it takes years of practice and inner work to be able to contribute in such a dynamic way to the world. What a lovely human with whom to work! I suspect there’s a new website coming that may include these photos!

Check her out at

Easy Headshots Make Me Happy

How often do you get that client that makes the session fly by in a flurry of fun? How did I get so lucky?

This is Kim. She’s a hoot. She made my day. 

One of her Things is playing with CONSCIOUSNESS. She can make you see things differently in just an instant.

Kim is an author and will be hosting an event called the Empowered Life Summit soon!  Find her on Facebook!

Or call her for a life-transformation session. I dare ya.

{ Kim Louise Morrison // Access Consciousness Bars Facilitator // 519.520.1006 }

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